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Tale as Old as Time...

The Garbled Chapters of a Writer's Life

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved writing. Every day she started a new, exciting story about magical Pharaohs, wizards-in-training and ducks who became princesses, and every story she wrote had a happy ending. So what could be unhappy in this girl's life? The girl's tragedy was that the girl could only write happy endings for the characters she created, and had no idea how to start writing one for herself.

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~*~RPG Journals I May Respond to Your Comments With Because of My Laziness~*~
hime_no_karasu [Rue] (graduated)
herrnarrator [Drosselmeyer]
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blacksiegfried [Raven!Mytho]
writetheknight [Fakir]
ravenpamina [AU!Kraehe]
scarenocrows [the Scarecrow]
amulet_witch [Amu Hinamori]
wickedygreen [Elphaba Thropp]

schwanherz [Heartless!Ahiru]
itsaveryvery [Adam Lambert!Fakir]
knightkovu [Kovu!Fakir]
jediprinz [Luke-Skywalker!Mytho]
manhattanrue [Elisa-Maza!Rue]
ysosilent [Phantom-of-the-Opera!Fakir]

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Disney is Now Being Headed By Unimaginative Suits Wish-Upon-A-Star Love

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Miyazaki is Awesomeness Film Maker Love

Labyrinth is It's-Only-Forever love.

by this_is_fucked

Anastasia is Historically Inaccurate, But Enthralling Love

The Chronicles of Narnia is Blatantly Christian But Totally Awesome Love

Pride and Prejudice is Squee-Worthy, "How Are You This Evening, Mrs. Darcy?" Love
Made by cherie_morte

Ahiru is Dancing Duck Gawky Girl Pirouetting Princess Triple Identity Love

Fakir is Emo Danseur Writing Knight Love

Rue is Angst Queen Beautiful Black Swan Love

Mytho is Naive, Effeminate Mophead Brave Prince Love

Evil!Mytho (Kyro) is Perverted Psycho Sexy Raven Love

Uzura is Love-love-love-love- Drumming Puppet Lovey-dovey-zura!

Autor is Hot Drosselmeyer Fanboy Insightful Researcher Love

Fakir/Ahiru is Bickering and Awkward Defy-Fate Love

Mytho/Rue is Angsty and Complicated Out-of-a-Fairy-Tale Love

Autor/Rue/Mytho/Ahiru/Fakir/Pique is Princess Tutu OT6 Love
made by

Jon Stewart is Daily Show Fundit Love~.
Made by cherie_morte

made by lux_astraea

Gargoyles are courageous love.

Aram x Airi is magical love.

Puzzleshipping is Hot Soulroom SEX Dark and Light Love

Gerard!Erik is Sexily Deformed Exquisite "To SOOOOOOOOOAAAAR" Love
Made by cherie_morte